The stunning Vivo2 has been developed using state of the art materials and advanced processor technology. It looks amazing and it sounds incredible, thanks to an advanced audio system.

A highly designed, distinctive violin, The Vivo² is only available direct from us. Choose from a range of eye-catching colours.

A revolution in sound

The Vivo²’s sound is one of its best features, thanks to the advanced TBV audio system which gives you:

  • A piezo charge pick-up
  • A digitally-controlled analogue charge amplifier
  • Separate headphone output socket
  • Electronic tuning mode for ‘A’ string
  • Easy operation, using standard ¼ inch jack leads
  • A PP3 battery (unless shipping restrictions apply)
  • On/off switch
  • A violin you can really work with

A violin you can really work with

The multi-processor control allows fast, easy control of volume and tone via finger-light touch buttons incorporated within the violin body. The processor memory stores all of your settings, even if the battery is removed.

If you’re really looking to attract attention, you can even use these controls to illuminate your playing. The Vivo has a built-in sound to light facility, which incorporates two vertical banks of super bright LEDs, integrated into the body of the violin. Light pulses along the length of the instrument, complimenting your playing. Of course, the lights can be turned off if not required.

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