The Opus violin is sculptured from block acrylic, using a modern, dramatic design. The Opus’s clear acrylic fingerboard, tailpiece and chinrest give the violin a striking glass-like appearance.
The smooth acrylic material used in building the Opus allows for lightening fast fingerboard action, and with Grover mini machine heads, quality D’Addario Helicore strings and a TBV bridge pick-up system, the Opus allows you all the accuracy you need. The New TBV violin transducer bridge is designed to deliver a more natural sound by stimulating body resonance with the pick-up itself, but still protecting from feedback.
Your Opus can be customised to your requirements and a choice of colour detail over clear is available as well as solid colour violins. Available in 4 String only
Each Opus violin is supplied with a colour co-ordinated bow, a lead and a violin case.
Prices start at £2700 GBP – Delivery minimum of 12 weeks. Pay in full now or contact us for deposit options.
Please note: that these are custom made instruments and once delivered they are not covered by our 7 days returns policy. (Please see our Warranty and Returns Policy). If a deposit option is chosen and you change your mind – your deposit is non-refundable. Please note that the 4 string version of this instrument weighs in the region of 1kg.